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Sevr updated their profile
Cary Byrd left a comment for Sevr
"Welcome Daniel & God Bless!!!"
Sevr updated their profile photo
Sevr is now a member of Jesus Christ Our King
Just look at that guy at work.  Sawing logs!  LOL!
"Glad to see you are doing all right there at Calvary Chapel.  Glad that it seems to be the right church for you and your daughter.  I'm still here at GVCC and probably will be for life.  The radio show is still going fine.  Still going to the men's…"
"Hey, David. Thanks for the invite. I am doing alright. Things going well at Calvary Chapel. I have become involved in the Men's Prayer Ministry. I can't get to many of the prayer meetings because it conflicts with the school schedule. But once schoo…"
"Hello Currin!  Great to see you joining Jesus Christ Our King!  A fun website I think you'll like.  How ya been lately?"
Currin Brown is now a member of Jesus Christ Our King
"Here's where you can read about my radio show.  TCM - Today's Christian Music"
"I will go to bed and get a good nights sleep tonight.  So I'll feel rested tomorrow."
"Welcome To Jesus Christ Our King.  How are things out there North Carolina?  I live out here in placerville, Ca and it has been lightly raining the past few days."
"Hello Adelina.  Your name popped up on my computer screen so I thought I had better say hi.  I'm David and i live up here in the Sierra Nevada foothill town of Placerville.  A real nice town to live in.  I have my own radio show where I play Contemp…"
"Welcome to Jesus Christ Our King.  Tell me about yourself.  I have a radio show where I play Christian Music."
Jamey Curry is now a member of Jesus Christ Our King
Judy Gallegos Gafford is now a member of Jesus Christ Our King
Dan Bennett is now a member of Jesus Christ Our King


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  • Self Details

    To Jesus Christ, our Sovereign King, Who is the worlds salvation, All praise and homage do we bring, And thanks and adoration. Christ Jesus Victor, Christ .

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    Started by sanjay sharma in Introduce Yourself
  • Hello, Brothers and Sisters! I'm Rolf Anderson

    Hi! I'm a single man living in the northwoods of Minnesota with my 2 dogs who, with God, keep me sane. I love interacting on the internet with others; in fact I'm a Biblical Counselor and do all my counseling thru emails. Anytime anyone wants to talk, just let me know. As a child of the Living God, saved thru Grace by Jesus Christ, I love you all and pray for all as well to be Blessed, Happy, Loved, and kept safe from the devil. You'll see me around this site a lot. Always feel free to come to…

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    Started by Rolf Anderson in Introduce Yourself
  • Posting,

    Thanks Cary I have a box at right corner now, but they is no wording in it to tell me whatit is. I hovered over it and it says add disscusion. Im not conplaining just tring to let you know what i see as a user, I hope it helps:-)

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    Started by mickey overbaugh
  • How to Create a Forum Post on Jesus Christ Our King

    Quick video tutorial shows you how to create a forum post on JesusChristOurKing.com - FREE Christian social network to sharing Jesus Christ's Gospel of Grace to all of the world!

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    Started by Cary Byrd in Video Demos